Shifting Stats Shaking the Church

Outreach Canada Website / Monday, June 27, 2016

The Authors of this book are writers and editors with Faith Today magazine. They are intimately familiar with the social and institutional trends among Canadian Churches. Faith Today Magazine is also referred to as Canada’s Christian Magazine and it is published six times a year by the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada.

Shifting Stats Shaking The Church has just become available. It represents some of the most recent research and case studies on how Canadian churches are responding to their communities’ needs in six critical areas: family, finances, immigration, technology, volunteering, and youth. Nine of the forty case studies are related to immigration. The authors state: “Canada is home to one of the most multi-ethnic, multicultural, multi-religious populations on the planet and we’re facing some of the most significant upheavals in our nation’s history. So what does that mean for Christ’s church.” They respond to this question by demonstrating that there is hope and that hope is articulated through each of the case studies.

This book is an encouraging and inspiring read as the authors take the reader on a visit to some great churches of all sizes which have made an intentional effort to make a difference in their communities and building the kingdom of God.

*A review copy of this Book has been provided courtesy of Graf-Martin Communications and World Vision in exchange for an honest review.

Paddey, Patricia, and Karen Stiller. Shifting Stats Shaking The Church: 40 Canadian Churches Respond. Mississauga: World Vision Canada, 2015.



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