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OC Income and Partner Care Administrator - Position Description
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Outreach Canada Ministries

Income and Partner Care Administrator

Position Description


Work Time: Part-Time (3 days per week) Accountable To: COO (Chief Operating Officer)
Personnel Classification: Part-time support staff OC Team: Service and Resource Team
The Income and Partner Care Administrator is responsible to receiving and tracking all income to Outreach Canada, corresponding with partners (donors), and provide receipts, invoices, and reports as required.  The Income and Partner Care Administrator works closely with the CFO.



The Income and Partner Care Administrator will be responsible for the following:

  1. Processing Income:
    1. Cheques, Cash & E-Transfers
      1. Prepare and make deposits (mobile deposits and physical deposits at bank)
      2. Enter batches into Dynamics
    2. Credit Card Transactions
      1. Process credit cards (purchases and refunds)
      2. Enter batches into Dynamics
      3. Manage recurring credit card donations
      4. Import recurring batches into Dynamics
    3. Automated Funds Transfer (PAD)
      1. Manage VanCity’s PS AFT
      2. Process twice a month
      3. Import batches into Dynamics
    4. Fundraisers/Events
      1. Process income
      2. Enter batches into Dynamics
  2. Reports
    1. GL Reports
    2. Credit Card Reports
    3. Period Report – PAD and Credit Cards
    4. Bank Reconciliation
    5. OCI/OCGA monthly and quarterly reports
  3. Invoicing
    1. Generate and send invoices as required
    2. Follow-up with unpaid invoices
  4. Donor Receipts
    1. Prepare for tax receipts
    2. Work with IT Director to make sure receipts are correct
    3. Generate and distribute official tax receipts to donors
  5. Partner Care
    1. Thank you letters for all first-time donors
    2. Thank you letters for large gifts
  6. Annual Audit
    1. Provide all necessary documentation to auditor (prior to audit as well as on site with auditor)
    2. Maintain relevant documentation for Audit and storage of documentation following audit.
  7. Responsible for all OC Contracts.  Make sure they are up to date and filed appropriately.
  8. Work closely with OC’s Chief Financial Officer
    1. Establishing or deleting accounts
    2. Monthly and annual balancing of accounts
  9. Attend special fundraisers and annual spring retreat.


  • Strong communication skills – verbal and written.
  • Broad knowledge and experience in bookkeeping.
  • Strong computer skills and fluent in Microsoft Excel.
  • Experience with QuickBooks and Microsoft Dynamics is helpful but not essential
  • Attention to detail
  • Good organizational and time management skills


  • Demonstrate strong Christian character.
  • Commitment to OC and familiarity with the various activities and ministries of Outreach Canada.
  • Agree and sign the following documents: Statement of Faith, Code of Personal Conduct, and Conflict of Interest.


To apply for this position, please send your resume and cover letter to



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