A Three Act Play: "We are Wellness Chaplains"

Created by Chris Morris on 8/19/2019 5:00:00 AM

God is a playwright who is deeply interested in character development; and he uses all sorts of plot twists and genres and devices, things we can see, in order to bring about the changes we cannot see.  Workplace chaplains remind people that the script of their lives is no accident, that there is meaning and purpose to the plot, the themes and the other characters in the play.  Enjoy this 3 Act Play!

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Standing in the Gap for Burundi

Created by Barry Whatley on 8/12/2019 5:06:00 PM

Jean de Dieu is one of the key young African leaders of his generation.  Against the odds, he has pursued higher education, worked tirelessly many jobs that barely met his family’s needs, and eventually found himself leading a significant NGO in the country.  His commitment to his densely populated nation of over 11 million people (470 people per square kilometer) is remarkable. 

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Why Missions Fail without Collaboration

Created by Paul Dyck on 8/2/2019 5:38:00 PM

We cannot afford to work alone. We accomplish far more, and the results are amazingly better, when we work together with others. Keep reading to find out 14 benefits of Collaboration in Missions. 


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This is my Story: Fisherman to Fisher of Men

Meet Craig Kraft. The Executive Director of Outreach Canada. This is his story...

Growing up as a pastor’s kid seemed like a special privilege to me. I became a follower of Jesus at a very young age, and literally grew up in the church.

Conversations with a Chaplain

“I don’t know where my anger is coming from.”

Randy looked down intently at his French Vanilla Whipped Cream Extravaganza supersize coffee supreme as we sat at a Tim Hortons, not too far from his workplace.


Our Big Thing

I am often asked to describe what OC is or what we do. It can be hard to describe, like the engine of a car. Our team is made up of a lot of different parts that work together to accomplish one big thing.

From Risky Experiment to Great Success

In 2009, in response to its growing opportunites and challenges, One Challenge (OC) International took a big risk to respond to its growing international ministries.

One Challenge International was founded in 1952 as an American non-profit mission. It's purpose was to communicate the Gospel of Jesus Christ and missionary teams were eventually present on five continents.

Wilderness ReBoot: Through the Eyes of an MK

MKs experience huge transitions in their lives with the biggest one being their move to Canada. They face all the challenges of North American teens including: transitioning from high school to university or college, and all the responsibilites that come with transitioning from youth to adult. On top of this, MK's are transitioning from their home in another country to Canada, which is quite foreign to them.

Canada Day: A Story of Belonging

Our new COO, Rick Burdett, is a new Canadian! This is his story about belonging.

On December 11, 2018, my wife Chris and I became citizens of Canada. Prior to that, for the past nine years, we were permanent residents of Canada and citizens of the United States. We had immigrated to Canada in 2010, where I served as a pastor in a church in Delta, BC.  We left home, family, our church family, friends and the country we were blessed to live in; these were the places of belonging for us.

Made for More

We all want to live lives of purpose and significance. As followers of Christ what does this mean in God's economy? How do we align our lives with His purposes? We were made for more than the ordinary!

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