Digging Deeper Workshop
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David Collins developed the Digging Deeper workshop to allow people to explore what it means to be a Christ follower.

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Are you content with who you have become or would you like to see certain areas of your life grow in maturity? Are you open to discovering new concepts that can guide your decisions in the future? Do life circumstances create questions in your mind about the character of God and do you know how to process that tension? If you are willing to take an honest look at your life in your quest to draw closer to God, these workshops will be a source of encouragement to you. 

How Do I Renew My Mind 

  • It is human nature to wonder how people see us and to allow their responses to influence our behaviour. Our identity is more often associated with others opinions of us than our own opinions of ourselves. Christ's Biblical invitation is to learn to live with the freedom of not being defined by someone else; rather discover who you were created and allow that strength to mature and progressively influence all other aspects of your life. Workshop One focuses on the advantages of intimacy with Christ and how it enables you to grow in personal confidence. 

Identify The Thinking that Shapes Me

  • Rarely do we pause and examine where our thoughts come from. They're just thoughts. "I am who I am."  Or more likely, you are what you think. What ideas do you embrace that feed the way you think? Have you ever wasted emotional energy worrying about events that never materialized? Is there anything you can do about getting control of your thought life and channeling that energy towards something healthy and God honouring? Workshop Two exposes thought patterns that are shaping society today and helps you to understand how you might be following along, unaware of how these patterns influence your own decision making.

Changing My Community's Culture 

  • Most of us do not see ourselves as community influencers. If that is true, then what are we? Has your community changed in the last 15 years? If it has, who were the people who influenced the greatest change? How do communities evolve and could you actually help to make your community a healthier place to live? Workshop Three exposes opportunities that exist in every community and reveals how simple positive change can be. 

Does Jesus' Death Change Everything?

  • If you are reading this page, you have most likely heard that Jesus died to address humanity's sin issue. Many do not pause to consider that God had a grander plan that simply getting people into heaven; that maybe his plan included nature and business; the arts and education; justice and reform. Why did Jesus die anyway? Workshop Four explores several of the other reasons why Jesus died.


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