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Gordon Carkner

Having enjoyed a ministry with bright, creative students in Ontario at Waterloo, Laurier and Guelph, Gord has also logged several years of experience in student ministry at UBC. In the last decade, his ministry has been focused on reaching graduate students and faculty, the senior research members of the university. In 2006, he took things up a notch, receiving his PhD in ethics. Since 2010, Outreach Canada has empowered him to build ministry capacity into this unreached group. The work is now expanding to other Lower Mainland campuses such as SFU and UFV. He partners with Gary Stevenson and Dr. Martin Ester at SFU. Together with Trinity Western University (Dr. Arnold Sikkema), they invite the top Christian scholars and scientists from Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard and Stanford to address important issues of public concern and promote the lively engagement of faith with culture. The goal is to place the rich heritage of a robust and integrated Christian faith at the disposal of these high achievers, to help them find their Christian voice within academia. These forums spark lively dialogue and debate, broaden the horizons of the imagination, and provide empowering resources for thinking Christians and seekers. As a meta-educator, Gord works hard to stay up to date with current academic debates and to mentor emerging leaders to both understand and make significant contributions to late modern Western culture.

Church & Campus: Gord is also keenly building bridges between church and campus (believing we can serve each other in mutual enrichment and creative challenge). His paradigm is one of a more creative and healthy interface; he resists the stereotypes that create unhelpful barriers. The future looks bright when we reconnect faith and good reason. Gord admits to being a bit of an idealist/realist, a reflective and critical thinker, innovator who loves to read and write. His intellectual hero is eminent Christian philosopher Charles Taylor. Since August 2012, he writes a weekly blog on faith & culture for students, faculty and pastors:
Biography: B.Sc. in Human Physiology Queen’s; MDiv. Trinity Evangelical Divinity School; PhD in Philosophical Theology from the University of Wales/Oxford Center for Mission Studies on late modern Western culture. He is married to Ute, and has two adorable daughters Kierianne 14 and Hannah 8.
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