Should Pastors be Required to Marry All?

Should pastors be required to marry any couple that asks, including same-sex couples? Where is the line between religious rights & legal requirements? A look at civil and religious marriages, and an alternative way forward.

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A Vanilla Life: 5 Questions to Consider as you Build Cross-Cultural Friendships


5 Questions to Consider as you Build Cross-Cultural Friendships.

Vanilla describes most of my childhood: Food was predictable, community was homogenous, and the exotic or unusual was reserved for travelogue shows on TV.

Vanilla was my ice cream flavor of choice. It was safe, predictable, and delicious. All those other flavors might not be as good…and risking ice cream disappointment seemed unimaginable to me. It wasn’t until my teens that I discovered the delights of Mint Chocolate Chip, Maple Walnut, and other wonderful flavours.

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A Community Living Toward Wholeness

“Yes, I love Jesus Christ, but I don’t go to church.”

Over the years, I’ve heard similar statements from lots of people. Asked about church, they may say, “The teaching is good, the music is great – but it’s like going to a show or a concert, I don’t experience real community.” Or here’s another one: “They’re friendly, but I can’t make any friends there.”  

What are they looking for – even yearning for – in a church? 

Here are some insights to be a Jesus community living towards wholeness, including 3 things you can bring to a Jesus community. 

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Walking by Faith

After all, isn't it God himself who provides us with a sincere and strong faith in Him? What does it mean to walk by faith? Read on for some contemplations on the topic of faith. 

Why Canada Needs Biblical Hospitality

Jesus demonstrated how one can balance the tension between pursuing holiness and being a friend of sinners, and he did it through hospitality. 

Canada Day: A Story of Belonging

Our COO, Rick Burdett, is a new(ish) Canadian! This is his story about belonging.

On December 11, 2018, my wife Chris and I became citizens of Canada. Prior to that, for the past nine years, we were permanent residents of Canada and citizens of the United States. We had immigrated to Canada in 2010, where I served as a pastor in a church in Delta, BC.  We left home, family, our church family, friends and the country we were blessed to live in; these were the places of belonging for us.

A Salute to Dr. Doug Harris

Outreach Canada salutes one of Canada’s great Christian leaders: Dr. Doug Harris

Why Missions Fail without Collaboration

We cannot afford to work alone. We accomplish far more, and the results are amazingly better, when we work together with others. Keep reading to find out 14 benefits of Collaboration in Missions. 


Better Together? When together is not always better…

Better Together? What about when it is harder, and messier to be together? What is it really going to take to be better together?

Low Soul Battery Alert

You wouldn’t let your phone battery run low why would you do it to yourself? Like batteries, your body, mind and emotions have limits to how much they can do without recharging and refueling. 

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