Port Chaplains Adapt to COVID-19 Pandemic

The Chaplain Ministry for seafarers has had to change & adapt due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Bill shares some of the challenges, and some of the joys of ministering to the seafarers during this season. 

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Gnosticism vs. the Gospel of Incarnation

Gnosticism, both historically and presently, offers a starkly alternative religion to Christianity and a constant temptation that appeals to the individual ego. It offers a religion “under our control, and on our terms.” However, we find some elements of the Gnostic outlook within the Christian community itself, seeking to shape its future. 

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Entering Well for MKs & TCKs - Transition Part II

Ask adult TCKs about the most challenging transition of their lives, and they'll most likely say, "College" or University. 

It's not surprising, really. Where most young people entering higher education have left their home and fmily in another part of the country, TCKs have often left their entire universe behind - the sights, sounds, savors, customs, languages, mentalities, and belief systems of places that have little similarity and relevance in this new world. 

This degree of loss, combined with the oddness of re-entering a "home" culture that feels somewhat foreign, can create an emotional-cultural-and-transitional Perfect Storm. 

In this article, Michèle outlines ten tips that may help with transition.

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What is The Church when it is not Meeting Publicly?

What does the church look like when no one is attending? Do we identify the church by the location, facility, staff, programs, and services?  If our understanding of the church is tied to these things, then the church may be facing a major crisis right now. 

When we take public gatherings and large worship services out of the equation, we still have the people of God, scattered in society where they can be the church.

Sy Garte - UBC GFCF Lecture

For the benefit of you and your friends and family, here is the Sy Garte lecture from Thursday, October 1 put on by the UBC Graduate & Faculty Christian Forum, also sponsered in part by the Canadian Scientific & Christian Affiliation. 

4 Words Every Pastor Needs to Hear

Pastoring isn't easy! And that was before COVID.

Pastor Trevor Berry speaks from his own experience to share 4 words that he believes every pastor needs to hear. 

Pastor Appreciation Giveaway

All the details about our Pastor Appreciation Giveaway, including free downloadable E-cards. 

Resources for World Mental Health Day

Our communities are hurting. And let's be honest, we as leaders are too. This article includes 3 Resources for World Mental Health Day & information about the upcoming Church Mental Health Summit.

Quebec: Presenting the Gospel to the Québécois

How to present the gospel to the Québécois without unnecessary religious trappings that can hide the beauty and the winsomeness of the love of God revealed in Christ. 

Yummo Comes Home

Yummo Comes Home is a 28 minute documentary video telling the story of an Okanogan/ Thompson Aboriginal man who revisits the Kamloops B.C. Residential School building where he was hurt to reclaim and bring back home his boyhood innocence and confidence. 


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