Grace & Gratitude

Created by Al McKay on 10/15/2019 4:51:00 PM

Jesus' words, as quoted by Paul: “In everything I have shown you that by such hard work, we must help the weak and must remember the words of the Lord Jesus when he said, ‘To give is happier than to receive’” (J.B. Philips). 

What does this actually look like in places like the Downtown East Side of Vancouver? How does this relate to Gratitude?


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5 People You Might Want to Thank

Created by Craig Kraft on 10/3/2019 5:35:00 PM

We all have so much to be grateful for, but sometimes we get stuck in a routine of being thankful for the same things over and over. I would like to encourage you today to share your gratitude with these five people. You may not be able to identify all five of these people in your life but it will be worth your time to think about who fills these roles for you.

So here it is, my list of five important people who deserve our gratitude.

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Update from Asia: Gratitude

Created by Outreach Canada Website on 9/30/2019 8:29:00 PM

The Global Church Planting Network recently spent time in a country in Asia training leaders. Here is an update from some of our team members, sharing from their time in that country, and some things they are grateful for...

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Gratitude Writing

Gratitude writing can be beneficial for your life. Find out more about incorporating this practice into your daily life. A simple start to practice gratitude is by writing your own gratitude acrostic.


The Value of Debriefing

Have you ever been blindsided by memories or emotions of an experience that happened years ago? Oi-Wah, one of the leaders of The Emmaus Journey knows that all too well. Let her tell you her story...


The first Kairos Course in Canada was held in 2010. That start led to the launch of Kairos in Canada in late 2012 when the second class was held. From 30 alumni on January 1, 2013, today there are over 3000 graduates across Canada! 

Awkward Questions

Often simple social situations give rise to awkward questions that, on the surface, seem innocent enough but, when examined more closely, actually reinforce the values of the Empire around us rather that the Kingdom of God.

The Story of a Skeptical Manager & A Corporate Chaplain

This is the story of a Skeptical Manager & A Corporate Chaplain...

Ronnie looked stern and grumpy seated in his big manager’s chair staring at me over the rim of his reading glasses.

“So what’s this chaplaincy program all about?”  He gruffed.  

I was being weighed, judged and grilled by the company’s new manager, like an uninvited guest at his BBQ party.  He sniffed the air and waited while I collected my thoughts.

Love your (New) Neighbour as Yourself

What does it look like to love your Muslim neighbour as yourself? God is allowing global migration to bring people who have never had a chance to really consider the claims that Jesus Christ makes about himself, into situations where they can question and consider--accompanied in friendship by those of us who love Jesus and want to obey his command to love our neighbours. 

Is Competition a Biblical Value?

One Sunday morning in the church where I pastored, a family came to me and shared how some of their friends had left our church to go to another church: a "competitor church". They were completely distracted by their news. Does the Bible encourage us to compete with fellow believers? Is there such a thing as a competitor church?

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