Katie's Story

The story of a Missionary Kid who came to know Jesus at a ReBoot Retreat. 

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Jesus Cares Canada is Launching!

Jesus Cares Canada is launching! Here are some specific ways you can join us in prayer as we celebrate the launch of Jesus Cares Canada. 

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What Crime Shows Teach Us about Being a Good Witness

Growing up, I watched a lot of crime dramas and police shows and these days there are more of them than ever.

Whether they are trying to be funny or serious there is always a constant theme when trying to solve a crime: Finding a witness, or better yet multiple witnesses, and determining whether their accounts match up with each other and make sense with the physical evidence.

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Virginia's Story

This is Virginia's story of how she came into relationship with the Lord!

How the Church can make Disciples...even in a Pandemic

Disciple-Making Groups can be trained to function as small churches and can reproduce themselves more easily than large churches. Here's a simple template for how to run a Disciple-Making Group.


The moon has become an interesting metaphor for me of what it means to ‘shine brightly’ as a witness for Jesus Christ to the world. 

Unlike the stars, which like our sun are gaseous balls of fire generating their light and heat internally, the moon is a lump of rock with no ability to generate any light at all. Rather, it is a reflector of the light produced by our sun. 

When You Feel like a Failure at Witnessing

Do you ever feel like me?  I know what I am supposed to do, but sometimes I feel guilty for not doing it well.  I suggest that most often, when we feel like we have failed, it is because we do not know where to start.  Witnessing doesn’t have to be hard, here are a few suggestions we can consider.


Being a witness to something extraordinary is nothing new. We witness the ordinary and extraordinary events taking place around us every day. Being a witness is normal. As disciples of Jesus, we are called to be witnesses to the transforming power of the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Top 10 Most Valuable Mindsets for MKs & TCKs

We like Top Ten lists, don’t we? Bite-sized bits of information we can easily process and implement if we choose. Fashion trends. Vacation spots. I figure if it’s good enough for God’s Commandments, it’s good enough for MK mindsets.

I’ve written extensively in the past three years about attitudes and choices that can help MKs and TCKs to avoid some of the pitfalls inherent to being multi-cultural. Here are, in my estimation, the top ten most valuable of them. 

Forced to Adapt or Choosing to Adapt?

We can let what’s happening around us mold us or we can be purposeful and seek God’s help in adapting to the changes that are going on around us and in us.

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